committed to producing new works and adaptations

Theatre should engage audiences in a dialogue...

....and inspire them to delve deeper into their individual social roles, always searching, questioning, considering current social structures... asking the questions: "How did we get here?" and "Where are we going?"

Whether one is an activist, artist, or informed citizen, FDP OnStage wants to engage you in the promotion of ongoing theatrical exploration and performance to generate new works and inspire fresh talent!

Theatre is collaboration.  And all artists are invited to "join the movement" of challenging our preconcieved notions of what "art" and "theatre" are, and to engage audiences in this ongoing dialogue.

Current Projects

Upcoming Events

    October 27, 2013 Women's Artist Showcase, 55 Lock Street, New Haven.

    TBD - Final Production of Quarter Year Dilemmas.

    2014 ProduceHERS Series

Recent News


Call to Artists to participate in the October Women's Artist Showcase. Men invited to submit works related to Domestic Violence Awareness


Yale Health on 55 Lock Street agrees to provide space for Women's Artist Showcase