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Empowering Women and Minority Artists and Audience Members

In the theater industry, while women continue to represent 69% of the audience, less than 20% of plays by women are produced NATIONALLY!

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The ProduceHERS is a collaborative effort created by Halima Flynn and Aaliyah Miller aimed at producing new works and building audiences for women theatre artists.

We respond to the disparity in theatre and in the American workforce at large where women not earn equal pay for equal work. Despite that statistics show that women earn 77% of what men earn, and minority women even less, the Paycheck Fairness Act was voted down in November 2010 and continues to linger in policy limbo.

This effort is about women, advocacy, awreness, and rallying a sense of community around the gender disparity in theatre. Read the full story, "A Journey from Awareness to Action"

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Current ProduceHERS Series: Quarter Life Dilemmas

2012-13 ProduceHERS

Whether or not you are 25 or 105, every woman has woken up at one point in their lives - and wondered how they got there - and where are they going from there?

"Quarter Life Dilemmas" examines the lives of four women in their mid-twenties who have realized that life's not so much "Sex in the City" as it is "Broke, in Debt, and Hate my Job in the City."

Playwright:  Aaliyah Miller
Director:     Halima Flynn